The AVN project team participates in the World Stem Cell Summit
The team’s founders, O.S. CEO Duran N. Yetkinler, M.D., Ph.D., and Vitaliy Kriukov, lead coordinator attended this pioneering medical event for REGENERATIVE MEDICINE in Miami, Florida, at the end of January.
U.S. - Ukraine Foundation publish ilaya in their newsletter
In a recent publication, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation named ilaya as a pioneering medical company use of stem cells for healing extremely serious bone and tissue trauma.
Ukrainian edition of Forbes Reports on ilaya’s Work With Wounded Soldiers
The Ukrainian edition of Forbes magazine reported on ilaya’s bone regeneration work with soldiers wounded in the war in southeast Ukraine. Since September 2014, the clinic has assisted more than 80 soldiers, re-growing bone over gaps as wide as 15 cm and allowing them to avoid amputations.